101 Reasons Why the Land Title Industry is Important to Oklahoma

1. We protect the American dream – one home at a time.

2. We have continuously been the keepers of the records of the State of Oklahoma for over 100 years.
3. We employ over 2000 Oklahomans representing all 77 counties.
4. The majority of our offices have been in existence for over 100 years protecting the consumers of the state.
5. We provide the record search required for the issuance of title insurance.
6. We provide an essential, value-added segment to the real estate transaction.
7. Our records are required to include current and complete information from the County Clerk as well as the Court Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor, and Commissioner.
8. We provide jobs to thousands of Oklahomans, directly and indirectly.
9. We assist county offices in resolving discrepancies in the public records.
10. As with other states and US territories, we provide the essential items forming the foundation of title insurance: search (abstracting) and exam (title opinion).
11. The preventive work we perform helps reduce the cost of claims in Oklahoma.
12. We are the only neutral party in the real estate transaction.
13. We provide service to Oklahoma consumers and professionals on a daily basis.
14. We provide daily service to our county offices.
15. We facilitate land development in our communities.
16. We support our local chambers, service organizations, schools and foundations.
17. We support our local, county and state governments.
18. We are financially responsible for the accuracy of our products and services.
19. We are licensed, bonded professionals and we take pride in our work.
20. Abstractors and title insurance agents are required to pass a state examination prior to the issuance of their license.
21. Per Oklahoma Statutes, abstractors and title insurance agents are accountable for their products and services.
22. Title Insurance Agents are accountable to the Oklahoma Insurance Department.
23. We are required to continuously maintain our level of education.
24. We provide over 100 hours of industry education to our members each year.
25. We provide support, education, and information to our communities and industry partners.
26. We worry about your closing problems so you don’t have to.
27. We are the front line of defense to real estate buyers and lenders as our search and exam uncovers defects before the property is purchased.
28. Our search (abstracting) and exam uncover known defects; the title insurance policies we issue protect you from those that are unknown.
29. The Oklahoma Land Title Association, along with our national association, has adopted the following set of Principles of Fair Conduct representing our commitment to serve the needs and interests of Oklahomans who are parties to a real estate transaction:
a. To engage only in business practices that are lawful and consistent with a high standard of ethical behavior.
b. To encourage a culture of compliance within our organization and our industry for federal and state laws that govern the title insurance business and for these Principles.
c. To treat consumers in a fair and ethical manner.
d. To provide consumers with timely and comprehensive information regarding their policies, services, products, and prices so as to enable consumers to shop effectively among providers of title-related services.
e. To encourage and assist consumers to be educated purchasers of title insurance and title-related services.
30. We are continually seeking ways to improve the value of the products and services offered to the consumers of Oklahoma.
31. We save our customers time and money by locating previous title work.
32. Based on a cost to value ratio, our products and services consistently rank as one of the lowest in the real estate transaction.
33. We provide our services with professionalism and integrity and the desire to provide the best to our customers.
34. We assist in the collection of unpaid child support judgments when they are discovered in the title search process.
35. We facilitate the collection of government taxes and assessments.
36. Our work keeps the real estate market and the overall economy from being bogged down by inaccuracy, uncertainty and fraud.
37. We keep our customers free from the worry of disruptive and unsettling claims.
38. We protect Oklahomans from falling into disruptive disputes over their property rights by performing any necessary curative work prior to closing.
39. Land is a bundle of rights and we help keep your bundle of rights tied together.
40. We can help when you have questions about your homeowner’s rights.
41. The abstract on your home is kept safe in our care.
42. We keep the chain of title regarding important information about events which may affect your ownership.
43. We work every day with realtors, lenders, attorneys, surveyors and many others to complete an accurate abstract on your property.
44. We offer title insurance which will protect your rights long after you have purchased your home.
45. We can assist you in closing a real estate purchase, by making sure all the correct documents are produced and in a timely manner.
46. We are involved in many community activities because we care about our community.
47. The consumer is protected in the event they suffer a loss due to our mistake. Courthouse searches by non-abstractors do not provide that protection.
48. The Oklahoma Land Title Association has adopted the “The Principles of Fair Conduct” which is part of the American Land Title Association’s “Title Industry Consumer Initiative” – a multi-faceted strategy for improving oversight of the industry and educating and protecting consumers.
49. The one-time premium on an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy provides coverage both during and after ownership.
50. Mortgage lenders look to the land title industry to protect their mortgage investments by requiring title insurance policies on new loans.
51. Abstract companies protect homebuyers by performing title searches to determine pre-existing problems prior to purchase.
52. We serve as an oversight for human errors in the recording of real estate documents.
53. Our industry serves as a liaison between the general public and other real estate professionals.
54. We perform Patriot Act searches to assist the U.S. government in preventing real estate interests from being bought or sold to individuals who pose a possible threat to national security.
55. We thoroughly check and certify to ownership on plats before they are filed of record.
56. During the rezoning process, we provide crucial information to the city about the ownership of properties within a notification radius.
57. We provide safe and secure land title transactions for a consumers’ most important asset—their home.
58. We are actively involved in our local real estate boards and buildings associations.
59. The local abstractor’s records would be available to the county to replace critical public records lost or destroyed.
60. We supported legislation that provided rules to expedite the title search process in the event that an abstract could not be located.
61. We protect the consumer by keeping their personal information secure.
62. In an effort to prevent money laundering through real estate transactions, we fulfill the reporting requirements to the IRS.
63. Our search and exam procedures show any errors in court proceedings affecting your property to protect you against loss of ownership.
64. The historic real estate records contained in our abstract plants are an excellent source of materials for genealogical research.
65. We are the best source of Indian records for the county.
66. Our records contain transcriptions of original handwritten documents from public records.
67. Abstract company records include fully indexed court records.
68. The land title industry builds lasting relationships with customers and associates.
69. The members of the Oklahoma Land Title Association care about the future of real estate in Oklahoma.
70. We provide an accurate system of checks and balances in real estate transactions.
71. We work to clear errors affecting title to real property.
72. We facilitate economic growth in our communities through closing real estate transactions.
73. Our industry worked closely with the Oklahoma Association of Realtors to pass legislation to ensure that the abstracting industry provides fast and efficient service, appropriate pricing, and is open to competition.
74. The Oklahoma Land Title Association helps its members by providing educational instruction and materials to prepare for state licensing exams.
75. Through title insurance, we protect the insured’s legal access to their property.
76. Our records include detailed ownership information for mineral interests.
77. We serve the energy industry by providing oil and gas interest information.
78. Our prices are competitive with other states in our area.
79. We insure the past and present.
80. Lending institutions rely on our product to market their loans.
81. As a courtesy, we provide daily service and information to the general public.
82. Consumers rely on our industry to provide assistance in the interpretation of public real estate records.
83. Title companies serve the public interest by continually clearing title problems.
84. Title companies make it possible for buyers to purchase property with the assurance that they will receive good title, free and clear of liens and encumbrances.
85. We utilize technology to expedite the real estate transaction.
86. We provide peace of mind through our involvement in the real estate transaction.
87. Our state industry actively participates with our national association, the American Land Title Association.
88. We educate the consumer through our website, www.oklahomalandtitle.com.
89. Our services include providing information to assist public utility entities.
90. The industry helps preserve Oklahoma history and artifacts.
91. Being the only neutral party to a real estate transaction allows us to make unbiased decisions regarding title issues.
92. We identify and resolve title problems so that homeowners won’t be faced with defects to their title – some of which could result in the loss of their home.
93. With our expertise, we are often able to resolve title defects before the parties to the transaction even know they exist.
94. Unlike other states, the abstract in Oklahoma belongs to the landowner, not the title company.
95. We are responsible for taking care of many details after closing such as: recording the deed and other pertinent documents; disbursing payments to each party of the transaction; disbursing payments to outside vendors including surveyors, exterminators, the homeowner’s insurance company, etc; reporting 1099 information to the IRS.
96. Most abstract companies are locally owned and operated, which helps keep Oklahoma dollars in Oklahoma.
97. Maintaining and searching from our own set of index books allows us to be more detailed in the information we provide.
98. We provide free community education about the process of buying or selling a home by participating in local workshops.
99. Without the services provided by the title industry, lenders would be exposed to much greater risk in the lending process.
100. The people within the title industry hold the hands of first-time homebuyers.
101. It is the title industry professional who knows the questions and answers them before being asked.

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