What is the Okie TIPAC?

The Oklahoma Title Political Action Committee is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated association which helps elect candidates who have demonstrated support for the land title industry. Okie TIPAC only supports candidates for Oklahoma Legislature and for statewide offices in Oklahoma.

How does Okie TIPAC operate?

It receives voluntary contribution from private individuals who are associated with the land title industry, either through direct solicitation or fundraising events. Funds received are used to support candidates for office. These candidates are selected through a review of their voting records, political principals, and recommendations from local title individuals. Decisions regarding which candidates will receive contributions are made by the PAC Board of Directors.

I already pay my OLTA association dues. Why should I pay more?

Under state law, dues cannot be used for political contributions. These funds must be raised independently.

I don’t like politics. Why should I get involved?

Whether you like it or not, you are involved in politics. Decisions about every aspect of the land title industry, including privacy issues, liens, property rights, and possible deregulation of the industry are made by elected officials. Okie TIPAC works to help defeat adverse legislation, while supporting proactive initiatives which address problems facing the industry.

Does Okie TIPAC support Democrats of Republicans?

Okie TIPAC is non-partisan and supports candidates on the basis of their commitments to the industry, regardless of party affiliation.

I’ve already contributed to the candidate of my choice. Why should I contribution to Okie TIPAC?

By pooling individual contributions into larger donations, Okie TIPAC is able to have a greater impact on the political process. Having an active PAC also adds to OLTA’s visibility and credibility at the Capitol and opens doors for members to take a more active role in the process.

How are the Okie TIPAC contributions delivered to candidates?

Local OLTA members are encouraged to deliver PAC campaign contributions in person and in the candidate’s hometown. This helps build relationships between elected officials and industry members who are also voting constituents.

Why should we support political candidates financially?

It costs a great deal of money to run for public office, and it is becoming more expensive with every election cycle. Every candidate requires financial assistance to get his or her message before the voting public. This is why the PAC was formed – to help elect those candidates who support the land title industry. We have an obligation to our profession, friends, and family to participate in the political process.

I don’t necessarily agree with OLTA members on industry issues, so why should I contribute?

A strong PAC demonstrates that all OLTA members speak with a united voice. Although not every member agrees 100% on all issues, it is in everyone’s best interest to make sure candidates are elected, and that legislators who are “friendly” incumbents are re-elected. Your support of the PAC greatly impacts elections and legislation.

Send your contribution today!

By contributing to Okie TIPAC, you are helping to educate and inform elected officials about the industry, and you are becoming politically involved. In order for OLTA’s voice to be heard, it is necessary to have your support and participation in the political process. Your contribution to Okie TIPAC is an investment in your business and your profession. Make a commitment today to help insure a strong future for the industry by supporting your PAC.

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