Just the Facts …

  • We employ over 2000 Oklahomans representing all 77 counties.
  • The majority of our offices have been in existence for over 100 years protecting the consumers of the state.
  • We provide an essential, value-added segment to the real estate transaction.
  • Based on a cost to value ratio, our products and services consistently rank as one of the lowest in the real estate transaction.
  • As with other states and US territories, we provide the essential items forming the foundation of title insurance: search (abstracting) and exam (title opinion).
  • Our search (abstracting) and exam uncover known defects; the title insurance policies we issue protect you from those that are unknown.
  • The preventive work we perform helps reduce the cost of claims in Oklahoma.
  • According to the American Land Title Association, 1 out of 3 of all real estate transactions have title issues
  • We are licensed, bonded professionals and must pass state examination prior to the issuance of our license.
  • The Oklahoma Land Title Association, along with our national association, has adopted the following set of Principles of Fair Conduct representing our commitment to serve the needs and interests of Oklahomans who are parties to a real estate transaction:
    • To engage only in business practices that are lawful and consistent with a high standard of ethical behavior.
    • To encourage a culture of compliance within our organization and our industry for federal and state laws   that govern the title insurance business and for these Principles.
    • To treat consumers in a fair and ethical manner.
    • To provide consumers with timely and comprehensive information regarding their policies, services, products, and prices so as to enable consumers to shop effectively among providers of title-related services.
    • To encourage and assist consumers to be educated purchasers of title insurance and title-related services